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Burn Classes

Longing for a strong heart and a calorie-burning sensation? Say goodbye to mundane treadmill sessions and repetitive rowing routines. Discover the perfect blend of short yet intense interval sprints that elevate your cardio endurance and kickstart fat loss. But there’s more – these dynamic sessions seamlessly incorporate strength training exercises, sculpting muscles and enhancing overall power. Join us for Burn Classes and discover a journey where every heartbeat propels you closer to your goals. #WELIFT

Build Classes

In fitness, change only happens when your body meets a challenge that demands transformation. While traditional cardio workouts focus on aerobic fitness, Burn It Build It Fitness introduces Build Classes – a groundbreaking approach. These classes strategically activate your major muscle groups, delivering a workout that’s not just effective, but safe and sustainable. Experience the power of targeted muscle engagement that promotes the growth of lean tissue, ignites your metabolism, and sparks remarkable transformations in your physique. Join us for Build Classes and embark on a journey of strength, change, and unleash your full potential. #WELIFT

Hybrid Classes

Experience the perfect fusion of strength and endurance with our innovative Hybrid classes. These unique workouts offer a dynamic combination of the Burn and Build methods, bringing you the best of both worlds. Get ready to push your limits with increased weights that challenge your muscles like never before, while also engaging in high-intensity cardio exercises that will boost your stamina. Our Hybrid classes break the mold by introducing fresh, enjoyable, and exhilarating formats that will keep you motivated and eager to come back for more. Discover a new level of fitness as you embrace the thrilling blend of strength and cardio in our Hybrid classes. #WELIFT


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