Burn It Build It has changed my life. Before I joined, I was 182lbs and felt down about my appearance. The very first class changed everything. It was tough to keep up, but I realized how out of shape I had become and was more determined than ever to transform my mind and body. The classes have pushed me to levels I didn’t think were possible and with my trainer’s support and dedication I managed to keep going every time. The results I had been longing for started once BBFit taught me the difference between eating healthy versus fueling my body correctly to achieve my goals. The quality of fitness and health Burn It Build It Fitness brings to the table outweighs any other gym membership. I tried multiple fitness centers, Zumba classes, do-it-at home fitness classes and everything else in between. The membership is worth every penny. I am in better shape now than I was before kids. I would never change the decision to join a place where people make you feel like family and truly care about your personal health goals. It was the best decision I ever made.


It has been over a year since I started coming to Burn It Build It Fitness and I have never felt better! I was a little nervous to start as I had always gone to a traditional gym and was not sure how I would feel about a group setting, but I love it! I love the staff and how they jump in when anyone needs a little extra help. I don’t feel judged if I’m not the fastest on the treadmill or if I need help with my form. The trainers go the extra mile to make sure you are reaching your own goals and will sit with you to discuss exactly what you want and the best way to get there. I love being able to walk into the gym and not have to think about what I am going to do as the workout is already planned and ready to go. I have taken advantage of several personal training sessions in addition to the group classes and it has boosted my self-confidence and helped me reach my own goals a little faster. So far I’m down almost 30lbs, 6% body fat and have lost 29 inches off my body. A full 10 inches off my waist alone!


This is honestly the best program I have tried in years to help me lose the last 10-15lbs and I have tried everything. I would always lose a couple, gain a couple. I would improve stamina, but never lose weight and rarely gain any muscle. I’ve tried multiple gyms and workouts like Zumba, kickboxing, step classes, etc. None of the trainers I’ve worked with or classes I’ve taken could ever get me the results I was looking for. Then I joined BBFit and all that changed. Honestly, the BBFit trainers are amazing, super knowledgeable, caring in a persevering, I am going to kick your butt when you get into the gym kind of way. Starting with nutrition, I was able to look at the block schedule and really focus on understanding what I was eating. Appropriate portion sizes, healthy fats, eating more veggies, and being taught how the body breaks down carbs, proteins, fats, sugar, etc. so that I can get the best results for me. In the last 45 days I’ve lost 9lbs, 12 inches, and over 3% body fat. Lastly, BBFit is like a family. Having everyone sweat together is super motivating, plus you get to go at your own pace. Everyone is super supportive, and you hold each other accountable for getting to the gym the next day. I’d highly recommend BBFit to anyone that’s struggled with results in the past and is looking for answers.


I started at BBFitness in October 2016 at the request of my wife. I was not content with my size but dealt with it because I did not have any direction. Any time I tried to get motivated to change my situation, I always talked myself out of the work required to make it happen.
From the start, I felt the personal touch that the training staff added to their classes. They remembered my name, they knew everyone’s name, and for me that was one of the most important aspects of BBFitness. I did not feel like just another customer, I felt like I was a part of a family. The attention given to each member and watching their ability to adapt to every persons fitness needs was amazing. They make everyone feel welcome and did their best to ensure that no one felt intimidated by the workouts. By taking the time to demonstrate and correct movements or show modifications to movements on the fly showed they cared about everyone various abilities.
After two months of consistently attending classes two to three times a week I felt stronger, but my pant size or shirt size did not drop. It was not until I attended a nutrition class that really put my predicament into perspective. This is when I realized that true overall wellness is not a short-term quick fix but a long-term sustainable solution. BBFitness was giving me the tools to understand my body and how to maintain a steady regiment of nutrition and exercise that fit my life and schedule.
Like any kind of strong positive change, it always comes on slow and builds up steam, and my fitness journey was no different. The sustained and consistent effort of making good food choices combined with the rigor of BBFitness’s workouts help make my goals a reality. At first, it was a few notches on the belt buckle or a shirt fitting a little looser than before. These small victories began to add up and then suddenly I am buying new pants and shirts. Bending over to tie my shoes was no longer a chore and most importantly, I am able to chase after my kids and catch them. BBFitness truly sets a high bar for fitness and I encourage anyone who is trying to make a change in his or her life to start here.