After spending decades in the fitness business owning and operating dozens of gyms, we have seen a consistent decline in service and qualified training. There had to be a better way. Nobody was offering a balanced approach to fitness that was sustainable, fun and affordable. Let alone actually getting people in shape. It’s time to make a better choice! Finally, a workout that creates the proper balance between cardio, strength, and mobility! Our philosophy helps you achieve your goals while still balancing all of your day to day responsibilities. Our workouts are constantly varied, never doing the same workout twice. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase muscle, or improve overall health, our workouts are the most efficient way to achieve your goals.



Burn it

Our Burn It workouts emphasize a cardiovascular workout with resistance training. These classes use treadmills, air bikes, TRX, and weights to efficiently torch calories. Heart Rate Monitors keep track of each member’s heart rate and the calories they burn, displaying that info on TV screens. Coaches help modify the workouts based on each individual’s fitness level and instruct them on proper form.


Burn 30

Been awhile since you have worked out?
Are you training for a race?
Don't have time for a full 60 minute workout?
Want to burn extra calories?

If you answered yes to any of these question try our Burn 30. This is a 30 minute treadmill only, fast paced cardio workout. It will help you accomplish any of these goals and more.

Build it

Our Build It workouts have a weight-based emphasis with short cardio bursts. These workouts focus more on larger muscle groups and quality of movement. This allows us to increase your overall strength, mobility, and flexibility. By adding these classes into your routine, we can jumpstart your metabolism while minimizing additional pounding on your body and joints.


Resistance Training


There is a big difference between eating healthy and eating correctly. Our nutrition is designed to help you accomplish what is most important to you without having other areas get out of balance. Members benefit from learning how to balance their food choices and how the body will utilize these choices for fuel. We take the time to teach you proper portion control all the while eating foods you already enjoy. Our nutrition is designed to help you feel better, look better, and perform at your best.